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What is Kauai Grown? Kauai Grown is a program administered and funded by the Kauai County Farm Bureau and the County of Kauai Program to promote locally grown agricultural products and to recognize the farmers, ranchers, value-added manufacturers, retailers and restaurants that provides these products to the consumer.

Why Participate in the Kauai Grown Program The Program's goal is to brand Kauai Grown products so that consumers can recognize and buy with confidence locally grown products. The Program provides marketing tool and support services for it's members. Kauai Grown works to:
  1. Clearly identify Kauai grown agricultural products (fresh and value added) to the consumer
  2. Promote awareness to the consumer and the community of the benefits of buying locally grown products
  3. Provide branding materials and provide marketing initiatives to help local producers, retailers and restaurants
  4. Enhance cooperation between local producers, value-added manufacturers, retailers, and restaurants in the use of locally grown products

Who can Participate in the Kauai Grown Program? The program is designed for the following:
  • Kauai Growers – Farmers, Ranchers, Nurseries who raise crops on Kauai
  • Value-Added Manufacturers - Produce products using at least 50%+ of Kauai grown ingredients
  • Retailers - featuring Kauai Grown products at the point of sale
  • Restaurants/Chefs supports by using and promoting Kauai Grown ingredients in their menus

How can you join the Program Please download the application from this website. Complete the necesssary information as it pertains to your category(ies) , sign it, and mail it to the following:

Kauai County Farm Bureau
c/o Kauai Grown Program
P.O. Box 3895
Lihue, HI 96766

Yes! I'd like to be a part of
Kauai Grown marketing efforts.
Click here to download application to join the program.

The application will be reviewed by the Kauai Grown Committee.

Do you have question about the Kauai Grown Program? Please contact the Program at info@kauaigrown.org or call at 1-(808) 855-5429.