Kauai Farms

Kauai Farms

Phone: 808-742-6925
Email: beeksma7@hotmail.com

Farm Location/s: Omao

Where to Buy:

  • Retail, Restaurants / caterers,
  • Costco, Foodland, Harvest Market, Sueoka, Whalers General Poipu,

Kauai Farms

About UsTruly Free-Range eggs from our ranch near Koloa sold at Costco, Foodland, Big Save, Papaya's, Living Foods, Sueoka, Harvest Market, and other stores.

Fresh Lilikoi in season. Water Spinach from our new aquaponics garden sold in restaurants.

  • Farm Fresh Products:
    Truly Free-Range Eggs (Year around)
    Lilikoi (June through February)
    Water Spinach (Year around)
    Truly Free-Range Eggs, Lilikoi, Water Spinach